About Alexander Gladney

Alexander Gladney is currently serving as the Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer at Capital Health, which prides itself on being an industry leader in progressive, high quality healthcare services for all. Alexander Gladney himself specializes in corporate, real estate, contract, and voting rights law, and he is licensed to practice law in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Alexander credits his career success to his broad legal background. His experience is based on a unique combination of contractual, information technology, transactional, and litigation legal expertise which he gathered through the years by practicing law across a wide variety of different contexts.

In September 2008, Alexander Gladney joined the Capital Health team in the office of General Counsel. With two locations in Trenton and Hopewell, Capital Health offers complete state of the art care from  trauma response to mental health screening to a pediatric emergency center to excellent outpatient facilities. They place great emphasis on investing in high quality physicians, nurses, and staff. Capital Health also prioritizes innovative new programs and approaches and strives for full integration of advanced technology into their treatment offerings.

At Capital Health, it was not long before Alexander was recognized for his outstanding work, and he was quickly promoted to associate general counsel. In this new position, Alexander drafted protocols, policies, and contracts, and he was tasked with handling complex real estate transaction and high-profile complex litigation cases. Alexander Gladney also acted as an advisor for management, human resources, and physicians on all legal issues as they arose, including public & private contracts, state and federal compliance, conflicts-of-interest, and financial disclosure concerns.

After several years with the Capital Health team, Alexander Gladney was excited to assume his current role as Chief Legal Officer and Vice President of Risk Management. In this role, Alexander manages a variety of responsibilities spread across several departments which he oversees. He plays an integral role in both the restructuring and realigning of strategic planning, operations, marketing, finance, and regulatory affairs.

A graduate of Georgetown University, Alexander Gladney holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Fine Arts. Following his undergraduate education, Alexander attended Temple University School of Law, earning his Juris Doctorate with a focus on Corporate Law.

The Temple University James E Beasly School of Law is a prestigious institution in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is currently ranked as the 50th best law school in the nation, and 2nd in Trial Advocacy training. Alexander Gladney is proud to hold a Temple degree, and puts it to use each and every day across his successful career.

In addition to all of his professional endeavors, Alexander is also a passionate and committed philanthropist who values helping the community, as well as organizations whose mission it is to also assist the community – whether that be inside or outside of the United States. His commitment does not stop at one organization or one issue. Instead, he supports a variety of diverse causes. However, due to his professional background, he is particularly passionate about causes, nonprofits, and charities that work to benefit those involved within the healthcare industry.