Making a Difference: 4 Tips for Reigniting Your Charitable Passion

Anyone can experience feelings of burnout, especially when they’ve been giving themselves wholeheartedly to a cause or charity. The good news is that this philanthropic fatigue doesn’t have to be permanent. Here are just a few ways to bring the spark back to your giving.


Make a Tangible Impact on Something

Clean up a beach. Build a house for the homeless. Sponsor third-world children who send you pictures of their new clothes and backpacks. It’s easy to forget about the difference that you’re making when you can’t actually, physically see the results of your hard work, so engineering that sight can remind you why you’re doing it in the first place. There’s no shame in wanting proof of your altruism and how it’s helping the world.


Create Short, Sustainable Goals

“End global hunger” is a noble mission, but it isn’t the kind of thing that you can accomplish over the weekend. If you’re feeling hopeless or listless about your charitable efforts, try scaling them back for awhile. Instead of trying to feed the world, feed one neighborhood. Launch a food drive that you can successfully execute and feel good about accomplishing.

Cut Through the Red Tape

Are you running a nonprofit? Are you bogged down by grants, permits, invoices, tax forms and volunteer applications? Ask yourself how many of these documents are actually necessary. Some of them might be unavoidable, but others can be cut back, combined with other paperwork or streamlined through automated software. You didn’t get into charity work to be stuck behind a desk all day, and that’s one of the reasons why you’re feeling dissatisfied with your current efforts.

Bring In Fresh Faces

Speaking of volunteers, they can be a great way to bring new life to your organization. They’re usually bright-eyed and full of energy for the tasks ahead, and they can also offer fresh perspectives to help you solve problems or brainstorm new fundraising ideas. Never doubt the power of one motivated individual to spread their zeal around the whole office.


These are just a few ways to rediscover your passion and dedication for charitable giving. It’s perfectly normal to experience a slump every now and then, but it’s important that you don’t let your current fatigue prevent your future happiness. Good luck!


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