Tips for Returning to Work after a Long Weekend

Long weekends are well-loved by employees across America. As important as they are the rejuvenate us, they make returning to work that much harder. Successful people have figured out how to enjoy a long weekend and return to the office seamlessly. The following are some tips for having a productive work week after a long weekend.

Get to Work Early

As hard as it may be to find the desire to get back to work at all, let alone early, after a few days off, it will pay dividends in the end. By getting back to work early, you have a head start on not only the day but the week. The work week is already shortened due to the extra day off, so you need to hit the ground running on your first day back. It also serves as a positive example to everyone else you work with. Arriving early on that difficult first day back helps you and shows that it is possible to be motivated, even after a long weekend full of fun.

Evaluate your Schedule

Because you will be working with less days in the week, it is critical that your schedule is laid out ahead of time. You don’t have as much wiggle room as you normally would with a five day work week, so anything that pops up could throw off a poorly planned schedule. As soon as you return from your long weekend, the first thing you should do is map out your schedule. Anything that can be pushed to the following week should be. This will give you room for those unplanned meetings, phone calls or issues. Prioritize your week and eliminate any unnecessary meetings, lunches or phone calls.

Be Strategic with your Inbox

After returning from a long weekend, you will more than likely have a few extra emails. Because you are working with less time in the work week, it will be a detriment to spend time responding to every single email as soon as you return. Prioritize them by sender and importance of topic. If one can wait until the next day or end of the week, let it. Don’t spend any more time than usual in your inbox after returning. Be careful not to confuse email activity with productivity,  and be strategic by responding to emails that are time sensitive.

Everyone needs a long weekend once in a while. And as important as the extra time is for our mental health, sometimes returning to the office makes the long weekend more stressful than relaxing. The transition back to the office should not be stressful and in fact, if you follow the above three tips, it will be seamless.


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