Seeking out Leadership Roles

Every community or organization needs leadership, whether in business, government, charities or even recreational activities. People who want to take on leadership roles will face many challenges, but they can have great positive impact. Below are three tips to keep in mind when looking for opportunities to get involved in leadership.

Get the Word Out

The first thing to do is to make it known that one is interested in moving up into a position of leadership. Many leaders within growing organizations are constantly on the lookout for potential future leaders and will actively work with those who they know are interested in moving up the ladder.

Some organizations have a formal training path for those interested in leadership positions, so it’s important to seek out opportunities for growth within the organization. If no formal program for leadership development exists, then letting direct supervisors or managers know about future ambitions would be the next step to getting on their radar.

Expand Your Network

Networking is a time-honored practice in building relationships with other leaders, taking advantage of mentorship opportunities and in spreading influence. Some organizations have leadership training events and conferences that make networking fairly easy to do. Many organizations also offer smaller meetup opportunities for those interested in leadership.

Learn How to Be a Leader

As mentioned above, leadership training events such as conferences and classes are a great way to learn leadership skills. Some organizations will even pay the attendance and travel costs for those interested in attending these events. But even without that support, everyone has access to educational materials that can help them learn how to be a leader.

Anyone interested in leadership should be reading books, magazines and blogs on leadership, as these are freely available at the local library and on the internet. Videos, audiobooks and podcasts are also available for learning about leadership — some are available for free while others can be purchased. But all of these options offer some value for those who are eager to learn.

Learning how to be a leader and looking for opportunities to gain leadership experience are crucial for anyone who wants to move up into positions of management or leadership within their workplace or community service organization. Following these three tips will help speed the process along and prepare those who seek such positions.


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