How to Keep your Asthma Under Control

Asthma sufferers understand the struggle of keeping their condition under control. Due to the nature of asthma, one day can be great and the next can be full of wheezing. By not keeping asthma under control, people can suffer from serious health complications later on in their life. The following are a few keys to keeping asthma under control.

Know your Triggers and Avoid Them

Everyone is different and therefore triggers vary from person to person. Keeping a notebook of your asthma symptoms and when they occur can help you figure out what your triggers are. Common triggers include tree, grass and weed pollen, indoor & outdoor mold spores,
pet dander, urine and saliva and dust mites. Once you can pinpoint your triggers, it is imperative to avoid them whenever possible. If pet dander is a trigger, owning a pet should be out of the question.

Create an Action Plan

Because asthma symptoms are so variable, sufferers need to know how to adjust medicines depending on your symptoms and when to seek medical help. It is recommended that people work with their healthcare provider to create a personalized asthma action plan. These action plans include triggers, medicines taken to treat your asthma with specific names of each medicine, symptoms or peak flow measurements, medicines to take based on your signs, symptoms that indicate the need for urgent medical attention and telephone numbers for an emergency contact, your healthcare provider, and your local hospital.

Be Smoke Free

Cigarette smoke contains 4,000 harmful chemicals and is a major asthma trigger. More than seventy-five percent of people with asthma become wheezy in a smoky room, so avoiding cigarette smoke is an important way to help keep asthma under control. Not only is it important that the person suffering from asthma does not smoke, family members and anyone living with the person should avoid smoking as well.

Asthma can be a frustrating condition for anyone. However, there are ways to keep it under control. By knowing your trigger, having an action plan and being smoke free, asthma sufferers can control their asthma as effectively as possible.



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