How to Create and Stick to a Workout Routine

It’s not easy to stick to a workout routine. If it was, we all would keep our New Year’s Resolutions. It’s possible to create a routine and stick to it, though.

Timing is Everything

Many people find it hard to find time to work out. Pick a time and schedule it like an appointment. Penciling in time to work out in the daily planner means it’s more likely to actually happen. Choose the right time, though. Someone who barely makes it out of bed in time to get to work will have a hard time hitting the gym before the office, while someone that comes home from work too tired to even eat a good dinner is not going to go for an evening run.

Start Small

Nobody goes from couch potato to marathon runner overnight. Start with something small and manageable, like a 15 minute walk after dinner or a 30 minute lunchtime yoga class. Build up to bigger things over time.

Make it Fun

No one is going to stick to a routine they don’t enjoy. Zumba classes or early morning weight lifting at the gym are not for everybody. Fortunately, there are so many fitness options that there really is something for everyone. Consider a water aerobics class or a martial arts class for those that prefer a more structured approach, cross-country skiing or horseback riding for outdoors types, surfing or rock climbing for the more adventurous, or beach volleyball or a friendly neighborhood basketball game for those that enjoy group activities.

Build in Variety

Working out shouldn’t be boring. Trying different activities can make it even more fun. Fitness classes provide an opportunity to try out various activities with professional guidance. Some fitness centers even offer a free introductory class to try out a new activity.

Turn to Technology

Fitness apps and gadgets make it easy to plan workouts and track results. It’s possible to map out a route for a run, see how many miles one goes or how many steps one takes, count calories consumed and calories burned, and monitor one’s heart rate, all from a smartphone or a device similar to a wrist watch. It’s also easy to share that information on social media, which can be motivating in itself.

In order to create and stick to a workout routine, you need to find what works best for you. Working out at a time that doesn’t sync with your schedule is not going to stick. Find the best time, activity and motivators and let them motivate you to stick to your new routine!


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