Creating a Personal Wellness Plan for 2018

As another new year approaches, it is time to assess your current health and determine your needs. As we know, our overall wellness is comprised of a multitude of facets. The most obvious part of our wellness is our physical, outward wellness. We must also tend to our mental well being, our nutritional and our spiritual wellness. Follow this general tips for creating a wellness plan for the new year.

Physical Wellness

First and foremost, go to your doctor and undergo a physical examination. Listen to his or her recommendations. Also do a personal inventory of your health. You know yourself and your body better than anyone else. You want to go into the new year with the best understanding of your health so that you know which areas to combat.

Mental Wellness

Mental health stigma is falling away as people are realizing that mental health is just as critical as physical health. You can undergo a mental health screening for free at your local hospital. Even better, book an appointment with a mental health counselor for a more thorough examination.

Nutritional Wellness
Assess your level of nutritional wellness. Nutritional wellness has to do with how well nourished and supported your body is. Consider your current diet and how well it serves your health. Note any areas for improvement. If it is in your budget or covered by insurance, book an appointment with a nutritionist.

Spiritual Wellness

Psychology Today explains that spiritual wellness isn’t about religion or personal faith but about how you perceive the meaning of life and your place in it. Spiritual wellness means that you are able to find meaning, hope, comfort, and inner peace in your life, whether through work, nature, art, music, family, or volunteer work. Asses your spiritual wellness and decide which areas you will focus your efforts on in the new year.

Mix it Up

Exercising is boring, especially when you are doing the same thing five times a week. Work in activities that are simultaneously enjoyable and physical. Plan a hike with a friend once a month in your favorite park or try that acro-yoga class you’ve been eying up. It’s necessary to mix up your workouts in order to stay motivated and engaged!

Physical, mental, nutritional and spiritual wellness all play a part in our overall health. It is imperative to do a thorough assessment of each of these aspects as we head into a brand new year!


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