What You Should Know When Transferring Doctors

alexander gladney what you should know blog header

As the minutes spent sitting in waiting rooms continues to increase, we often find ourselves becoming frustrated with our doctor’s office.

For some, this is enough to make them reconsider their doctor’s office. However, be mindful that if this is happening at your current doctor’s office, it could be happening anywhere, especially locally. This does not mean that you should settle for your current doctor, though. It’s possible that you and your doctor could develop a complicated relationship, one that may leave you questioning whether or not you can trust them.

If you find yourself cultivating any level of distrust towards your doctor, it may be time to transfer physicians. The process can be a little tedious, but these tips for a smooth transfer will help make it more seamless:

You don’t have to explain why you’re leaving.

If the thought of having that awkward conversation is enough to prevent you from going through with your transfer, it’s important to be aware that you aren’t required to explain why you want to leave.

Ask for your patient records as soon as possible.

The second you inform your doctor’s office you are leaving, request either the paper or electronic copies of your records. Not only will they give you your copies, but they will also send them to your new provider when asked. There is a possibility they may charge you a small fee, but it could save you from the headache of having to do it yourself.

Do your research.

You have already had to go through the process of transferring physicians once so you are not going to want to do it again almost immediately. Thoroughly research the doctors in your area – either online or through word of mouth recommendations – to be sure that you are selecting a new doctor that will be a better fit for your needs.


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