The Top 5 Secrets You Aren’t Telling Your Doctor, And Why You Should


You’ve been feeling fine, so going to your annual doctor’s check up is just a time to run in and say hi to your doctor and run out, right? Wrong. You only (hopefully) see your doctor once a year to get a health evaluation, therefore this is the time to be straight up and honest with your doctor about any concerns you may have. You may feel embarrassed or uneasy to tell your doctor some things, but your doctor should be the first person to know your top health secrets to help you live a healthy life. Here are the top things you should be telling your doctor at your annual visit.


Vitamins, Supplements, and Over the Counter Drugs

Telling your doctor if you’ve been trying a new cleanse supplement or simply taking a multivitamin each day is very important when it comes to your doctor evaluating your body’s health. Many vitamins and supplements can actually increase health problems on your body’s organs. Even if your over the counter drug says it is safe to take, your doctor will tell you whether that is the case for you or not. For example, garlic has been shown to increase heart health, however, it is also a blood thinner so it may increase bleeding. If you’re not feeling well, your doctor needs to know what you’ve been ingesting.


Drinking and Smoking

Again, your doctors aren’t here to judge you, but to look out for your health. If you consume alcohol, your doctor may suggest checking your liver. If you smoke, yes, your doctor might lecture you, but they will also take the steps to prevent health issues for the future. Your doctor should know whatever your body is consumed with as it could have a significant impact on your overall health and body.


Mental Health Problems

If you’ve been having any signs or feelings of depression, anxiety, sleepless nights, or even abuse, you need to let your doctor know. Many people don’t realize that these signs can be a significant sign of other related diseases. While others don’t realize that doctors can help decide which prescriptions are right for you or if suggest you to any further counseling or therapy.


Lying about Doctor’s Orders

Have you been taking the prescription your doctor wrote out for you? Practicing the knee exercises he suggested? If not, don’t tell your doctor that you are if you haven’t been. This also creates a health risk for you as they attempt to assess and evaluate your overall health. If you decided not to follow your doctor’s orders, let them know. They will work with you to come up with the right treatment for you.



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