What Patients Want from Their Doctors


Choosing the right doctor is a major decision for a patient. There are a lot of aspects that go into deciding whether or not a doctor is right for them and it’s important that doctors are aware of what a patient is looking for in a physician. If you want to be a great doctor and have a loyal client base, it’s important to establish strong relationships with your patients. You can accomplish this goal by understanding the basic expectations patients have when it comes to choosing a doctor and what they want out of the relationship.




As customer experience becomes a huge force behind why someone will continue using a business’s services, it also affects whether or not a patient will continue going to the same doctor. If a patient enters the office and isn’t greeted by the staff or treated in a kind manner, they’ll seek treatment elsewhere. The same goes for when a patient sees their doctor; if the doctor is rude and seems uninterested, a patient will not be confident about continuing at that office. Make sure you train your staff in how to be polite to patients and also take the time to be friendly yourself.


Sufficient time


One of the biggest complaints about doctors is how long they make patients wait. Sometimes, patients have an appointment, but end up waiting half an hour to get into a room, then wait another half hour before the doctor shows up, then they’re only seen for about ten minutes. Pay attention to your schedule and avoid running late as often as you can, but also give each patient the time they need. If a patient has questions, but you’re rushing out of the room for your next appointment, it does not make the patient feel good. Avoid over-scheduling and utilize all the time you have throughout the day.




If you want to be considered a great doctor by your patients, you need to keep up open communication. While you do not need to provide them with your cell number and 24/7 service, you should be easy to schedule an appointment with and provide any information they might need. Give clear instructions about any treatment you prescribe, as well as the ability to easily renew prescriptions when necessary. Have your office send reminder telephone calls and consider setting up an online portal where patients can quickly access their medical information.




What patients want most is honesty and transparency from their doctors. When going for an appointment, patients want their doctors to be upfront about what’s wrong or any advice on how to improve health. If a doctor is unsure, they need to be transparent about their uncertainty. Patients should be aware of their different options for treatment and possible side effects of certain medications. Being mysterious about treatment or a process is not reassuring to the patient; they want their doctors to inform them of what’s happening and help them understand what’s going on with their body or how to improve their health.



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