True Leadership: How to Build An Effective Team


In the real world, team-work is essential to success in any project organization. Whether it’s planning, supporting, or creating, it’s essential to make up a team of people that will succeed in your goals. It’s important to understand the empowerment that team-work has on a project. Here are the five top things necessary to building an effective team.

  1. Trust

Being a part of an effective team means building trust and respect around one another. Without this, teams will suffer. Once your team members are chosen, everyone must make an effort. You don’t have to like a person (although it will be hard) to be apart of a team. It’s important to remember that everyone has the same end goals, and everyone is in it together. Everyone must be trustworthy enough to get their work done and respect one another in the process.

  1. Communication

Communication is key to understanding the wants and needs of your team members in order to ensure that everyone meets the end goal together. Sending and receiving thoughts and ideas is what communication within a team is defined as. If something bothers you, there should be no hesitation in confronting the situation to figure out the best possible solutions. Respect one another’s opinions and decisions. Everyone should be informed on tasks and positions assigned to each member. Through effective communication, the relationship among the overall team will be built.

  1. Organization

It is essential for teams to be organized to ensure that  proper planning and managing is being taken into effect. Through organization, members will be able to understand each other and communicate effectively. Rather than creating problems and confusion within the team, members will be able to stay productive, make effective decisions and find solutions to problems.

  1. Involvement

Within a team environment, everyone has a role. No one should feel left or not know what their roles and tasks are. It’s important to involve everyone when it comes to decision making so that all ideas and scenarios are shared to ensure the best possible decision. This will also make members to be motivated and feel valued. Teams work together to solve problems, therefore everyone should contribute to decision making.

  1. Review and Celebrate

It’s important to track how well (or not well) a team works together. Reviewing your team’s work will help establish new solutions to problems and reaching your goals. It’s important to communicate to the team when things could go better or when a goal is met. Although being in a team requires a lot of work, there should also be time for members to take a break and relax from their work. Members should be rewarded for their hard work and accomplishments. This will lead to members feeling motivated to set their own goals in order to contribute to the overall growth of the team.


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